Chapter 50

Orion POV

I chased after Mara, trying to get to her before she got to him. But just when I thought I would get a hold of her she would disappear between my fingers. “Mara No” I scream at her as I see her body start to ripple when she makes her way to hole in the ground. I could Thaddeus across the otherside. But Mara didn’t understand he is not her father while he is like that. Evie grabbed a hold of me as we fought from being tossed into the fiery hole of hell. I just make out Mara appearing next to her father. 

Fear coursing through me when he doesn’t recognise her, instead I watch as he conjures more and I feel Evie’s grip loosen as she is pulled toward the hole. Before being ripped away from. Her scream sends my blood cold as I see her clawing at the ground trying to stop the invisible force dragging her. I let go of the t

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