Chapter eight

Something has been bothering me the whole day since I had the face time with Della this morning. For the past days, we have been texting non stop and flirting maybe. Della is one of the cool people I have met. She is also fun to talk to.

This early morning at six, I called her to talk about our unfinished conversation yesterday night and wish her a happy Saturday. What happened is when she picked up, she was in bed. That was not the best part. Meanwhile through our conversation, I heard a masculine voice in the background.

When I asked Della who the guy was, she admitted that he was a sleep over night stand. There and then I felt sick to the stomach. Imagination of them together has been burned in my brain like a tattoo and so far the day has been so sombre and my mood sour.

I get off early from office and drive straight to her place. I feel my self going crazy when I don't find her home. When I called her, she tells me she is out having some drinks with friends. I persuade her to ret

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