Chapter fifteen

Tonight I am having dinner with my family. Dad told me in advance that George and his family was invited. That only meant Henley and her boyfriend were going to attend. I expect everyone except Aaron and I to have someone on their hand.

That is why I decided to invite Della to be my date for tonight. She was skeptical at first but agreed when I convinced her. I assured Della that her by my side was to make Henley feel jealous. She warmed up to the idea eventually which explains why I am outside her door at seven.

She opens the door after my knock. I smile when I realise how incredibly beautiful she looks tonight. Purple dress that accentuates her figure. She has me staring for a minute before I embrace her. I haven't seen her in two days but it feels like so many days. Her hair is curled for tonight making her look more flawless.

"Are those mine?" she asks looking at the flowers in my hand. I had forgotten for a second I had them.

"Yep. Do you like them?" I give them to her.

"I love

Things don't look good. Comment down below what you think might happen.

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