The accident

Lisa sat in the back of the classroom, her hands wrapped up in the long sleeves of her hoodie. She thought about yesterday. She hadn't woken up in time for school, hadn't even woken until late in the afternoon. When she had gotten home, it was awful. Her stepfather had beat her with a belt and the pink welts still stung a little, but not too bad. What she was more worried about was getting away from this place. Even if she tried to move away, she didn't have much money. She had a part-time job as a cashier in 7/11 but all her money was taken away by her mom. She claimed to be saving them for her, but Lisa knew she blew it on drugs. Still, she had managed to save some cash which was hidden in a secret place, but that wouldn't be enough. She couldn't decide what would be worse, staying back or running away penniless. 

“I saw your boyfriend talking to Vicky,” Emily, her kind-of-friend, said as she plopped down in the next seat. Emily was one of the few people who were nice to her, she wasn't her friend, but they had been on talking terms ever since they were paired as lab partners.


“Oh! Nothing suspicious, they were just talking in the corridor.” 

“Then why are you telling me?” Lisa asked, annoyed.

Emily turned to fully face her and said, “that's because I hate Vicky as much as you do.” 

Lisa opened her mouth to say something, but she had no idea how to react. 

“I don't hate Vicky, I don't hate anyone.”

“But she hates you, and before you know it, she will steal away your boyfriend.”

“Steve is not like that,” Lisa replied, she knew Vicky had her eye on Steve for ages, but he loved her. That's what he told her. 

“How much do you know about guys, Lisa? I bet absolutely nothing!” Emily retorted, pushing up her glasses on her neck.

“What do you mean?”

“Have you guys done it yet?” Emily raised her eyebrow.

Lisa blushed, “what kind of question is that?” 

“Ok, I take it as a No.” Emily rolled her eyes.” Now listen cautiously. Steve is very popular. He has girls throwing themselves at him. If you have nothing to offer him, why would he stay with you?” 

“He likes me, he is not like other boys. He is different.” Lisa mumbled. Steve was indeed different from most of her mom's boyfriends or other meatheads who went to her school. He was the only guy who had been nice to her.

“All men are the same, Lisa, the earlier you understand, the better it would be. They won't stay unless you give them what they want. Just think about it.” Emily said with finality and reached for her notebook.

“So, I should sleep with Steve to keep him from straying?” Lisa asked.

“You need to loosen up and take the next step unless you are ok with Vicky stealing away Steve.”

Lisa was thoughtful for the rest of the day, was she being too uptight? She was turning 18 tonight. Why wait any longer? Perhaps, she could give Steve a nice surprise. She smiled at the thought.


Lisa's car sputtered and stopped a few meters away from her home. She tried to restart the engine, but it wouldn't budge.

Darn it! She sighed, that stupid piece of junk had finally broken down completely. She got out of the car and grabbed her bag to take the short walk to her home. It was Friday night, and Steve had invited her to spend the weekend at his place. She had of course politely declined, but she was planning to pay him a surprise visit tonight. Jacob wasn't there, she thanked her stars and slipped into her tiny room. Her peace didn't last long, she was suddenly distracted by the screaming and shouting. Jacob had returned.

“I saw you, hoe !” He punched Mary in the ribs, extending the knuckle on his second finger to concentrate the pain. “You wanted to him, didn't you?”

“No, Jacob didn't!” Mary pleaded.

“Don't lie, you were making those eyes at him.”

“He was your client, you asked me to give him the money,” Mary shouted back.

Another punch, this time to the opposite ribs. “Where's the money?” He had suddenly forgotten about her so-called cheating.

A double punch, one on each breast.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing? Leave her alone!” Lisa shouted and rushed to save her mom.

Jacob glanced up and spoke in a normal voice as if greeting an old acquaintance. “Why don't you just go away and mind your own business, slut?”

“I said, leave her alone,” Lisa yelled.

Jacob sighed. “I can see I'll have to teach you some manners.”

“Lisa, do not disrespect your dad,” her mom as usual blamed her. Even when she was being hit by that monster, she defended him. 

“Looks like yesterday's lesson wasn't enough, he picked up his belt and started towards Lisa.

“Does it make you feel like a big man to beat up on and terrorize a woman?” She angrily seethed, “You're a coward, and that's all you'll ever be.”

“I already told you once that this is none of your business, girl,” he growled, “So, I'd back the fuck off if I were you.”

“Or what?” She taunted him, “What're you going to do?”

“This,” he drunkenly spat, taking a swing at her

“You just screwed up big time,” she heatedly replied, blocking his punch, and then delivering an extremely hard, but lightning-fast, roundhouse kick to the left side of his face, “How does that feel, asshole…”

Taken surprised, Jacob staggered and fell onto his backside. Mary gasped.

“You've just earned yourself a ride in an ambulance, bitch.”  Jacob snarled, Lisa, pushed him off and ran towards the door. Grabbing the handle of the door, she wrenched it open and ran out into the cold night.

“Get back here, you bitch!” he shouted. But she didn't stop. Half crazed with anger, she ran towards the family car. It was unlocked, and the key was still in the ignition. Without thinking, she jumped into the car and started the ignition. Her actions were going to backfire, she knew it. But at that moment, she just wanted to get away from that hellhole.

Lisa pulled up in the long driveway. Steve's house was nice and expensive, but it wasn't showy. He lived far back in the woods, and you couldn't even see the house from the driveway. She had tried calling him while on the way, but his phone was switched off. Did he already go to bed? Would it be odd if she suddenly climbed into his bedroom?  She checked herself into the rearview mirror and fluffed up her hair a little. Fortunately, she didn't have any bruises. Feeling satisfied, she got off the car and climbed the fire escape. This is how she had visited him a few times. They used to kiss and cuddle, but she always stopped him from going any further. He would help her. She couldn't go back home now, she could stay here tonight and figure out what to do tomorrow morning. Maybe he would lend her some money and she could escape that hell.

As usual, his door was unlocked. She barged in just to see her heart broken into a million pieces. Steve was on the bed but not alone. 

An involuntary gasp escaped from her lips, drawing their attending. Steve turned towards her but didn't stop thrusting into Vicky.

“Hello Lisa, I wasn't expecting you.” He grinned.

Vicky smirked.

“You should keep your doors locked. It's unsafe these days with trailer trash climbing your bedroom.”  Vicky mocked.

“Steve….you cheated on me,” Lisa whispered, trying to hold the door frame to steady herself. She was so numb with shock, she could barely speak. 

They disentangled themselves and Steve sat on the bed shaking his head. 

“You should have known this was coming. You never trusted me. What was I supposed to do?” 

“You said you would wait, all I needed was some time. Instead, you cheated on me, right before my birthday! How could you, Steve?”

“Trailer trash thinks too highly of herself, what, are you some kind of Madonna?” Vicky interjected.

Lisa didn't have the energy to argue with her, her mind was reeling. So she ignored Vicky.

“I tried, Lisa. I tried my best to put up with your attitude. Wasn't I good enough for you?” Steve said, looking disappointed.” You know what, it's your fault! You pushed me away. I have needs, but you never cared about me. You only cared for yourself and your screwed up morality."

“So you cheated on me because I didn't sleep with you? And you are blaming that on me?” Lisa huffed.

“Know what, you two deserve each other, Vicky would take care of all your 'needs, she has a lot of practice!” Lisa snapped, earning a glare from Vicky. “I am glad I never slept with you, Steve, you are just another asshole.” 

She didn't wait for his response and turned back, running down the rickety stairs. She shut herself in her car and broke down. Steve was the only good thing that has happened to her in their entire miserable existence. Now there was nothing. The alarm on her phone beeped, blinking at midnight.

She gave a wry smile, “happy birthday to me.” She whispered through her tears and started the car. With no destination in her mind, she randomly drove through the night. Her mind was foggy as she moved her head to look forward just a little too late. 

The sound of the tires failing to grip on the pavement echoed like sacks being dragged along, staccato style. The ABS failed to stop her. She never saw the approaching Lamborghini on the empty road. 

Lisa pressed hard on the brake pedal, but it was not going to prevent the impact. The noise of twisting metal was cut short by the white fabric of the airbag enveloping her face. The world moved surprisingly slowly and gently.

The little Nissan car that she was driving crumpled into steel origami with staggering ease, even though she had not been travelling that fast. The Big car moved across and parked the other side of the road, a massive scratch decorated its otherwise sleek black body. Lisa sat dazed but luckily unhurt as the door of the Lamborghini opened.

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Bella Jersey
And hits keep on coming
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Bella Jersey
How did nobody noticed her bruises?
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Bella Jersey
No you should not sleep with him to keep him. Should always be true to yourself. You only get one 1st time. But if you tell the story later I slept with to keep him from cheating on me. Who wants that story

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