Crashing into you

“This is the last time I am going to put up with these endless parties,” Ruben de Montrose, thought. He had enough of the constant parade of available she-wolves for his consideration. He had told the council, countless times, that he didn't need a mate to rule. He had no desire to tie himself down with just one woman. But did they ever listen?

Ruben knew they had his best interest in their minds, but he was damn tired of everyone throwing available bitches in his face. And he did mean 'bitches,' literally. As the ruling Alpha of the Rivermoon pack, they expected him, soon after he had reached his two hundredth year, to pop an heir. All of his predecessors had found their destined mates during their second century of life, as was written in the ancient writings and promised by the Moon goddess Luna herself.  Hence, the council wanted him to follow his ancestors. The bunch of them were a pain in his ass most of the time; they were so set in their ways and could not seem to let go of the archaic notion that a strong Alpha was a mated one.

Today was particularly awful! He had an Alpha meeting in the morning, which was completely useless, as everyone just screamed at each other rather than discuss the rogue attacks. 

Then he had to attend that awful party where every bitch in attendance was hoping to be considered for the exalted position of Luna. He was so fed up that he left within an hour, and was now driving back to his pack. 

He was on a stretch of curvy road when he saw a white hatchback approaching fast. Instantly he knew he was going to be hit. He saw the red-haired girl in the driver seat, her eyes wide with terror. Her tires screamed as she tried in vain to stop. He swivelled the car at the last moment. Had he been a human, this would have been a head-on collision. But thanks to his enhanced instincts, he turned his car at the right moment…SCREECH.......the sound of metal scratching confirmed that his favourite Lamborghini bore the burnt. Then a THUMP and CRASH as the small car ploughed into the side, crashing into the boulders.

He pulled on the handbrake, killed the engine and leapt out of the car ready to tear her a new arsehole, but the look of horror and fear on her face stopped him. Her window was open.

“Get out of the car!” he yelled.

“What? Oh fuck, fuck. I'm so sorry. Are you alright?”

 She turned towards him, and Ruben stopped in his tracks as the most delicious of aromas wafted towards him. It was like a mix of lilacs and cinnamon. The scent instantly sent him into a state of raging lust, as his body hardened, giving him an unwanted boner. His wolf growled to be let out as it clawed at him to claim the source of the enticing smell, threatening to send him to his knees.

“She's ours! She's our mate. We must claim and mate her!” the wolf demanded. “We cannot let her get away!”

“Get out!” He yelled again, the scent of fear mixed with that delicious scent of hers. He could scent something else, gasoline. That wreak was going to blast.

“I… I said I am sorry,” she stammered fearfully.

He sighed, then grabbed the car door and wrenched it open. Not bothering to open the seatbelt he snapped it from the top, breaking it. Then he grabbed her wrist and dragged her out of the car.

“Hey! Leave me! What the hell are you doing ?” The girl yelled and struggled to free her hand.

“Just shut up and come with me. That car is going to blast!” He shouted.

Terror reflected in her lovely hazel eyes, and she scrambled away from the weak. He swooped her in his arms and kneeled on the road.


The heat and debris flew up into the air as he shielded her body with his. Lisa's heart sank as the car burst into smithereens. Finally, she turned her head towards her saviour, he was very tall probably six-five give or take an inch, and very muscular. His shoulders and arms looked huge and strained the sleeves of his shirt. Silky back hair whipped about his arresting, chiselled face. The emerald green eyes seemed to stare directly into her soul and unearthed all of her secret dreams and desires. 

“Are you OK?” He yelled. No answer, she was frozen. He yelled again.

“Yeah. But my car's not.” She said, sadly, this day couldn't have been worse.

“What the hell were you thinking! Are you drunk? Are even old enough to drive?” He asked.

“I am 18! And I said I am sorry, It's not like I banged into your car intentionally!”

Ruben's feral half was prowling agitated, as it urged his human half to claim his mate. He had done a monkey jump inside when she mentioned that she was 18. Now he wouldn't need to whip himself for lusting after an underage girl. She was beautiful, even if he ignored his lust laden feral half. She was exquisite. Her hair was magma-red, and it crashed over her shoulders.

 She was twine-thin but with a sculpted body. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose. Her enticing, jewel-like eyes gazed at him over her puffy, heart-shaped lips. 

If she was his mate was debatable, but he was going to make her pay for damaging his car.

“You were driving in the wrong lane, you dashed into my favourite car which now sports that ugly scratch, apology won't help. You need to pay for the damage.” He said firmly.

She looked frantically at the scratched Lamborghini and Jacob's car up in flames. She was screwed.

“I… I can't pay you. I don't have that kind of money.” She mumbled, almost in tears.

“Listen, girl, you ran into my car and I need it repaired. If you can't afford the registration and insurance, you shouldn't be fucking driving!”

She covered her face and broke down into sobs, “I am sorry, please… I am already messed up. Jacob is going to kill me. I had the worst day of my life….on my birthday.” She said between sobs.

Ruben looked bewildered at the crying girl. He couldn't stand it. His wolf fought with him, for making their mare cry. He stood up pulling her up and leaned against his car.

“Who is Jacob?”

“My….my mom's boyfriend, it was his car. I borrowed it for some time and….and.” a fresh spate of tears falls from her eyes and Ruben sighed. He had half mind to leave her to her misery and drive away, but his feral half urged him to comfort her.  There was a strange pain in his heart, which increased with every sob.

“Alright! I won't ask you to pay for the damage, but what are you going to do about that wreak?”  He pointed at the burning car.

“I don't know….but thank you so much. I guess I should leave now. I am sorry again.” She wiped off her tears and turned to walk away.

“Wait! Are you planning to walk back at night on a deserted road?” He asked aghast.

“Do I have a choice?” She mumbled.

There was no way that he was going to let this woman slip by him. 

“Get in the car,” he ordered.

She looked at him fearfully again. 

“It's alright, you have suffered enough because of me.....”

“I didn't ask for your opinion, just get in the car.” He repeated.

She made no effort to move, exasperated, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards his car.

She slapped his face and squirmed to get free.

“You fucking dare to slap me? I saved your life, and you fucking HIT me?”

She tried again, this time he grabbed both her wrist when she tried to hit him again. She was slightly built, small frame and a foot shorter than him. How she thought she'd be able to fight him, he had no idea. He could snap her in half within seconds!

“Cut it out. You won't win. Quit it.” He turned her and pinned her to the car. She was not crying, not swearing, not yelling. 

“Big man, are you? You going to beat up a little girl?”

“No, I'm not. I'm just stopping you from hitting me.”

She struggled a little. His foot between hers and pressed her to the car. Her butt was level with the tops of his thighs. She struggled some more and he held her firmly.

“Stop it. If you don't try to hit me, I'll let you go. OK?”

A pause, then she agreed. When he released his grip, she turned slowly as if in compliance, then kicked his shin and ran down the road. He sighed! Caught up with her in a few strides, grabbed her by the waist and tackled her onto the road.

Jessica struggled with all her might against the massive man. She knew it was futile, but she was not going to let him get his way.

“Just stop! I am just trying to help you !” He said, pinning her hands on the hard concrete.

Lisa gulped. 

"No! Just let me go! I won't let you rape me!" She screamed.

He rolled his eyes," excuse me! I am trying to help you, and for the record, I like my women ready and willing not screaming like a banshee!" 

She stopped yelling but looked at him distrustfully.

"You would hurt me?" She whispered, fearfully.

"No, trust me. I can help you pay for that car if you agree to do as I say,” he replied gently.

“I don't need your help! Let me go.” She shouted.

To her surprise, he released her wrists and got off her, sitting on the road. She sat up, rubbing her wrists. They were going to be bruised later on.

“What do you want?” She had no intention to agree with him. But she had realized that she wouldn't win, so she had to be smart and make an escape when his guard was down.

“Go on a date with me.” He said in a placid tone.

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Shaneik Blair
Jessica or Lisa? Keep the names straight so as not to confuse your readers.
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Elizabeth van Asch
Alaisa, Lisa or Jessica....and Lisa isn’t really a shortening if Alaisa.....consistency in characters names is essential to ensure the reader has clarity on the characters
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Natasha Ballantyne
I know this is something small but in chapter one Lisa is described as having long chestnut curls yet in this chapter Reuben saw the "red haired" girl driving

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