Waking up

It had been a week and a half. Ten days since everything had ended. Andrea stood in the doorway of the clinic, watching Ruben gently lower his sleeping mate onto her bed. With a profound frown on his face, he covered her and then looked down at her.

Sebastian muttered gently from behind her, "Hey," and she knew exactly what he wanted to hear, but she didn't believe it was the best time.

He started to add, "Andrea, she'll be OK..." but her head swung around and his deep blue eyes pierced into her green ones. She groaned and walked down the corridor to a bench to sit.

She said calmly, "Lisa was fatally injured. Beth is still missing, and I believe it's all my fault."

Sebastian was stiff, his rage pouring out in waves, yet when he spoke again, his tone was soothing. "That is not the case. Even you were on the verge of passing away. Dorcas' use of you as bait was not your fault."

Andrea bit her lower lip and swallowed.

"I miss Beth b

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