Chapter 1: Celestia

I woke up, only to find out that I’m not in my own room. This room is bright and the walls are painted white which made the room even brighter. I tried moving but I felt dizzy when I did so I didn’t bother to move at all. I just moved my eyes to see my surroundings and if anyone’s with me but I didn’t see anyone, except a big window beside the bed that I’m lying on to. There I saw a green landscape where there are mountains and trees. I realized that this house is built up on top of a hill where you can see everything down below, making me feel comfortable and peaceful.

“Oh, you’re awake now! Thanks to the Gods and the spirits. Anyway, how are you feeling? I got fruits and a soup for you to recover fast, eat it while it’s still hot.” An orange-haired girl came into the room with a tray of food on her hands. She looked concerned and somehow grateful after seeing me. I don’t know who she is or where I am so I’m kind of scared.

“Where am I?” I asked, wanting to feed the curiosity building up inside of me.

“You’re at my residence. I’m sorry, I should’ve introduced myself first. Again, I’m Odette Elrod and I took you home after you collapse in front of me in that gloomy forest the other day. Don’t worry, my mother already healed your wounds and scratches and now that you’re finally awake, I can take you home.” She sat at a chair beside the bed and tied her curly hair into a low ponytail while speaking. Her bright skin shined in the sunlight, I squinted when the light went through my eyes who are still adjusting from the brightness.

“Now, you can tell me where you live and I will take you home. Your family might be very worried about you. Don’t worry, I have nothing to do today so I can accompany you to your residence.” She’s now showing so much kindness so I think I don’t have to be worried about being here at her house. I’m just wondering… What did she mean when she said that I collapsed in a forest? The last thing I remembered, I was at our house, packing things with my father.

Wait, father! Where is he?

“Where’s my father? Have you seen him? Where are we? Why am I here?” I flooded her with questions which my mind seeks answers from. Those questions left her dumbfounded. I bet she didn’t expect those questions from me.

“I… I honestly don’t know. I just saw you alone at the forest and when I talked to you, you suddenly lost consciousness and that’s when I decided to take you here. In case you don’t remember, we are at the farthest south of Celestia, the land of Madeleine located at the Kingdom of Behatti.” My eyes literally widened when I heard her answer. She’s speaking of places I don’t know about and I’ve never been to in my entire life. She also mentioned ‘Kingdom of Behatti’ or something which weirded me out. Is she trying to tell jokes on me?

Feeling dizzy, I still forced myself to sit up and look her straight into the eye with the most scary look. She was frightened when I did it but I still sensed some concern.

“I don’t have time for your damn jokes. Just tell me where we are—”

I was cut of by a deafening sound inside my head. I screamed when it caused my head to hurt so bad, like it was being stepped on to by thousands of feet. Odette caressed my cheek and kept on asking me what was happening but I can’t give her an answer due to the pain I’m feeling right now.

I closed my eyes as hard as I can when several voices came playing in my mind. I feel like I’m going to die any moment but my mind is still keeping up. Flashbacks and memories played in my head like a film and the last thing I saw was my father, getting swallowed up by a thick black smoke.

‘Go to Celestia and find your mother.’

After the unexplainable thing that had happened to me just now, my head finally came back to normal. I was grateful that I didn’t fainted during the process because now, I finally get to know what really happened and why I’m here. I feel guilty for not believing Odette and everything she said are all truth.

“What happened? Is your head still hurting? I’ll call my mother now, I’m sure she knows what to do.” She stood up, went for the door and left the room. I can’t say anything after I realized it all. My father… He will never come back.

I burst into tears while calling my father out loud. I remember it all now, nice and clear. I felt the sadness, fear and anger once again as how I felt when Dad and I are in that house in the middle of the forest. I don’t know why they did that to my father but I will make sure that they’ll pay for it.

“Daddy… Dad, don’t leave me here. I’m scared, please come back to me.”

Two people entered the room, the other one’s Odette.

“Are you okay now, sweetie? How are you feeling?” A lady in her mid-fifties sat beside me on the bed. She caressed my back and gently brushed her fingers through my hair. Her gesture calmed me down so I took a deep breath and looked at her.

“I suddenly remembered what happened to me that day. My father… He was caught by a thick dark smoke. It’s cold, so cold that my hands went numb after trying to get him out of it. I don’t know what to do! He told me to run away and that’s what I did after he was gone. He told me to go to Celestia and find my mother.” I explained in a shaky voice. I tried not to stutter while taking but I still did, out of the fear I’m feeling while remembering every single detail of what happened that day.

Odette look so worried and even held my trembling hands after knowing everything. Odette’s mother beside me transferred from the bed to the chair where Odette had sat on earlier. Odette then went beside me and replaced her mother.

“Do you not remember it the moment you woke up?” Odette’s mother asked.

“No, not a single thing.”

“Then you might have been under a spell. A special spell casted onto the people who tries to go in and out of Celestia. Your memories were erased by the spirits and the spell broke just now. The dark, cold smoke you were saying must be the dark spirits and they are ordered to get your father. Are you from the outside?” Asked the lady.

I was hesitant at first because I don’t know what will they do if they knew that I am an outsider but judging from their actions, I know that they’re someone I can trust.

“Yes, I am. I came here to find my mother. That was the last thing my father told me to do and I will not disappoint him. So please, can you help me?” I’m now really determined to find my mother since I have nowhere to go to right now. I don’t know what lies ahead and I’m not used to live on my own so I will be needing help from them. Luckily, Odette and her mother are both good persons so I know that I can expect something from them.

“If you’re from the outside, how did your memories came back? As far as I know, normal people aren’t supposed to remember anything from their life outside the moment they pass through the gates of Celestia. And why did the dark spirits came after your father? And most of all, why is your mother here in Celestia? Do you have an idea about all these, sweetie?” I didn’t answer. I thought about everything my Dad told me and one thing came to my mind.

I showed them my right hand, closed it tight and when I opened it again, holographic pearls came out from it. Odette and her mother stared at it and showed the same reaction, both of them are surprised.

“You’re a spirit user.” Odette whispered, still looking at my palm.

I closed my hand after a few seconds and as soon as I did, the pearls dissolved in the thin air.

“You have a soul art. I think your parents are both wizards and your father just took you out of Celestia, am I right, uhm, what’s your name again?” Oh, right. I haven’t introduced myself yet.

“My name’s Celine Hathaway, and… I don’t know a thing about Celestia. All I know is my mother is already dead that’s why I live alone with my father. He never told me anything about this so I’m really confused. I can’t even remember what my mother’s name is and if she’s really here in Celestia.” Odette stood up and went on the other side of the bed where the big window was. She stared at the scenery for a few seconds after facing us again, ready to say something.

“How about… Come with me to Lastra next week. We’ll ask everyone on our way if they happen to have a lost child that is living outside Celestia, I think that would be a good way to find your mother but… It would take some time.” She said, rubbing her chin with her thumb and index finger. Her suggestion was great but yes, it would take so much time and it is very risky.

“That’s a little bit dangerous. Some people might claim Celine as their child even if she’s not. If we want to make sure that we’ll find her real mother, then we must make her mother find her on her own.” Odette’s Mom suggested.

Wait, so she wants my mother to come find me instead finding her? That would be impossible.

“What do you mean?” Odette asked, looking at her mother with a curious gaze.

“If her mother knew that she was finally here in Celestia, I’m sure she’ll come find her because that’s what mothers are supposed to do.”

Odette turned her back against us and stared at the scenery again while holding her chin, thinking of a suggestion that would finally solve my problem. I know that I’m being a burden to them but if I didn’t asked for their help, how could I meet my mother?

“I’m going to Lastra next week and enroll at Safharra…” Odette faced us again with a hopeful smile. “You must study there too and if we have a chance, we’ll join competitions and stuff that would make your name famous. That way, I’m sure that your mother will know about you and eventually find you. Isn’t it great?” Odette even clapped her hands in excitement.

That suggestion isn’t bad though. It’s possible that if everyone knew about me, and so did my mother, she’ll find me. I know she will ‘coz who’s mother won’t do so? Even if it’s not a hundred percent effective plan, I know that it’s worth trying. If we won’t try, then nothing would happen.

“That’s a good idea but there’s only one thing that can hinder your plans. Celine knows nothing about soul arts and we both know that Safharra only accepts students who are skilled enough to pass their pre-trial especially that she’s a spirit user.” Those words struck me. It’s true that I don’t know how to use this soul art and I’ve never done such thing before.

“We can teach her. I know she can learn something before we go to Lastra and I believe in her. I believe in you Celine, so, do you think you can do it?” Odette’s words gave me a hint of hope. I don’t know where she gets those positivity from but it’s a good thing especially for me. I’m the kind of person who easily gives up whenever someone discourages me so lifting me up would really be a big help.

“Yes. I’ll try, for the sake of reuniting with my mother.”


“First, you need to call the spirits and tell them to lend you their power. This is the essence of being a spirit user, one is able to call spirits who can help them and give them power. I am a spirit user as well so it will be so much easier for me to teach you, so listen carefully, okay?” I nodded as an answer. Mrs. Elrod, Odette’s mother asked me to come with her in this forest near the gates of Celestia to teach me how to use my soul art. I’m still estranged by this world and everything seems so unreal, it will take time for me to finally adjust to my surroundings.

“To call your spirits, you first need to know what type of spirit you are calling. Spirits comes in six types: Air spirit, Earth spirit, Fire spirit, Water spirit, Special spirit and the most dangerous of all, the dark spirit. Usually, spirit users like us are only able to attain three types but, if you’re strong and your body is compatible with all of them, you’ll be able to attain all six but that is a rare case. As for me, I can only call the fire, earth and water spirits. Now, I want you to try calling the earth spirit since we’re in a forest. All you need to do is close your eyes and whisper ‘Earth spirit, come to me and lend me your power' only in your head.”

I closed my eyes and whispered those words in my head. I don’t know if I should feel something while doing this but It kind of felt warm. Mrs. Elrod haven’t told me to open my eyes yet so I stayed still.

I was startled when I felt as if electricity was flowing in both of my hands which made me open my eyes widely. Mrs. Elrod just stood in the distance while looking at me with emotionless eyes. She looks exactly like Odette but has wrinkles on her face. She’s still beautiful though.

A few seconds later, a glowing brown stone, looking just like a firefly came to me from behind a big tree on my right side. Mrs. Elrod walked towards me when she saw the glowing thing.

“Open your palm and let the spirit dwell inside you.” Mrs. Elrod commanded.

I opened my right hand where the holographic pearls are and as soon as I did, the brown stone flew on it and inserted itself into one of the pearls, making one white pearl into a brown one and came dancing on my palm like they were swimming on a water. I stared at it for long, jaw dropped in so much amusement.

Mrs. Elrod congratulated me for attaining one of the spirits. It made me so glad that I can’t take my eyes off it. It’s really true! I am in a world of magic and I came from it. This is the world where I belong, adjusting is one of the things I need to do to be able to live normally. I will surely do my best to not disappoint these people who helped me.

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