Helpful hand.

The following morning, I walked down and met the whole family seated at the dinning room table, "good morning sir!!" I greeted master Leonardo ambling towards the kitchen.

"Hold on Chris!".

Master Leonard's voice pinned me to a stop, I veered and he proceeds further with his words.

"Come join us!! Its a huge table and I'm certain no one would object". And by that he meant, his wife and Keith who refused to derail his attention from me.

I looked through and found an empty sit next to him ( master Leonardo), thus a few minutes later, mom walked out of the kitchen seeing me seated among her bosses family.

Her curious look urged master Leonardo to speak and he lets on telling the reason behind me sitting with them.

In return mom smiles and served us a bowl of hot chicken soup, with a dash of orange juice.

She stood behind and watched us eat,   I swifty filled up my appetite and after eating jerked up leaving for college.


A few hours spent on the road, I finally came to college, the same time, Keith's car drove past and driving in a fast speed, a dirty pond of water was splashed on me.

"What the hell!!". I look closing my fist, Keith got down from his car and while ambling away,  pulled  him back returning his eyes to me.

"What?". A frown on he asked, I sewed his eyes down to my cloths and he smurfed his eyes up, weaving my hands away.

Again he attempted to leave without apologizing, yet   I furiously raised my hand to his collar and dragged him to the same spot he splashed water on me.

"Chris!! Don't you dare or else you will be sorry!". He threatened but I was rsther much concerned in making him pay for splashing water on my cloths and for yesterday, because of his devious attitude my mom fell unconscious, his surly needs a beat down.

Everyone at college all came and watched the drama, Keith struggled to break from my grip and while aiming to leave, he took a step backwards and tripped over a stone that hurled him into the dirty pond with his face on it.

"Oops, I'm so sorry!! Are you okay?".

Although I loved what happened, Keith gears his furious gaze, gets up and left with his cloths coloured.

Thereafter, I smiled and went towards the office of the administrator, getting my admission letter and the scholarship form was also given to me to fill.

I filled it up and left to continue my day, according to my lecture schedule I had a free period and now decided to seat and let the hours run by, unfortunately every attempt to attain such fell to the floor, when Keith decides to dragged me up at the same state he was the time he left.

"Oh!! Bro!! Is anything the matter?". I asked.

He smirked at the tone of my voice, proceeding with his, he says and I quote, "do you think you're smart?".

Keith's word make no sense to me, I urged to asked why, and he continues talking.

"What do you mean?, Now listen to me, as long as your mom works for my family, I will make sure she pays for everything you do!! And no matter how much my dad favours you, I'll never stop hating you!! You've made an enemy Chris, get ready because this is war!! It's either you loss or I do".

( He left my hand and walked away with his friends behind him).

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