Chapter 6: The Rewrite in which I Become a Double Agent for the Prince

It had already been over a year since Autumn had been named the Prince’s future wife. In a couple of days we would be heading out to the Capitol so that they could conduct their official courtship under the judging eyes of the nobility. I laid in my bed, staring up at the ceiling, thinking through all the possibilities. 

Ugh, it’s all too tiring. 

The only benefit I had was knowing the future thanks to my all powerful author knowledge. Of course, I had already changed part of the story by changing Katrina’s character, but judging by what happened at Autumn’s birthday party, there was a concern that no matter what I did, the main plot would continue along the predicted pathway. If this were the book, Katrina would be planning to contact the Duchess Savalle, who was the second cousin of the current king. She hated Autumn almost as much as book Katrina did, and when the foolish servant girl offered to team up,

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