Chapter 11: Always a Little Too Late (James’s POV)


I heard her voice call out my name before her eyes rolled up and she fell unconscious to the ground. My heart stopped and I ran forward, catching her head before it could strike the hard floor. Holding her in my arms, I anxiously scanned her for signs of life. I pressed my fingers to her neck, relieved to feel a strong pulse and her warm breath on the back of my hand. 

Why had she passed out though?

I patted her cheeks, trying to wake her, desperately suppressing the panic growing in my heart. 

“Katrina! Are you ok?”

Her eyes fluttered opened, her gaze vague and unfocused for a few moments before training intently on my face. Once she recognized me, she broke into a bright smile, causing my breath to catch in my chest. Even dirty bloody and injured she was heartstoppingly beautiful.

I couldn’t let myself

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