Taking her home

Landon stares at the Alpha King sitting in front of him.

Confusion evident in his eyes as he dares to question him again.

"My apologies Alpha King but did I hear you right? You want to take that Omega along with you."

Volkan just stares at him harder. His words an evidence to his irritation.

"Yes. The girl is to come with me. And in exchange ,you will be given the tender to the Redwood territory"

Landon couldn't believe this. Thora was a used and broken pathetic Omega of his pack. What could a powerful man like him had to do with her?

"The offer sounds quite attractive Alpha King. But may I know why?"

Volkan clenches his fist, not happy with him questioning him.

But he can't tell anyone she is his mate,he was ashamed to be honest.

"She has a really foul mouth. You know I don't take disrespect lightly,yet she dares to disrespect me. I will deal with her my way in my territory."

Landon was not finding this hard to believe, Thora can be fiesty and rude at times. Her foul language ,very well versed to him.

"My apologies Alpha King. This girls audacity. I can punish her if you say-"

"No need. I will take care of it myself."

Landon nods, giving him an apologetic smile.

"I agree Alpha King. This is a really great deal you offer. You can take her in exchange. An Omega like her is of not much use to me anyways."

Volkan nods getting up and leaving. While Landon smiles to himself.

He will surely miss her , but she could be easily replaced.

And anyways,he was already bored of the pathetic girl.

That has been nothing but a burden since the day she was brought to his pack to take care.

An unnecessary baggage he was relieved to get rid off.


                 Thora pov

I sit in a luxurious car which could fit a dozen of people ,yet we both sit alone.

He sits in front of me ,busy with some work on his laptop. Not even once looking at me.

Not that I wanted him to stare at me.

But the way I was sitting directly in front of him, clothed yet exposed to his scrutiny.

Made awkwardness and uneasiness to stretch between us.

Bored I look down at my hands tied with a rope. The very proof of him not trusting me or respecting me in any manner.

I wriggle,trying to loosen it but it only results in red marks on my wrist.

"I won't be leaving...please can you open this."

I ask and his fingers stop typing. Those stormy grey eyes look up at me and I felt a shiver run down my spine.

Why was this man so scary.

Not replying ,he continues typing again and I sigh.

My eyes shifting to the view outside and I push myself closer to the window.

Wow! It was so beautiful.

I have never been out of my pack territory,I was not allowed to.

And the roads,the trees, the houses.

They all looked so intriguing to me.

If only I could feel the wind on my face, and take out my hand to feel it.

Biting my lip,I stare at the button.

Can I? Will he scold me...but he looks busy.

Pressing the button,I let the window roll down and before he could scold me.

I place my elbows on the sill and lift myself up.

The cold wind hits my face, making a smile to come on my lips.And my hair trail behind me , flying with the wind.

Wow! This was heaven.

But the heaven was short lived as I was pulled back to hell.

I looked at my side to see ,my long hair were touching his face and he looked beyond irritated.

He moved his hand forward, grabbing my waist as I scream at him

"No!... Please!.Let me!"

My force and pleas were no use as I was harshly pulled back from my waist to land on his lap.

I again struggled to ,only have him coil his arm around my waist and turn up the window with his other hand.

"No! Please!"

"Fuck! Stop women! Stop it!"

He curses behind me. His breath hitting my ears, making a warmness to spread inside me.

"It's beautiful... please.."

I again try to only have his grip to tighten on my waist.

My back against his chest as I breathe heavily.

"Are you a dog? Sit here silently."

He says and I feel frustrated. Why such words? I just wanted to look outside.

He hates you Thora. What do you expect? He will hate everything you do aswell.

We continue to sit like this and the tingles start exploding. His scent overpowering, making me hold my breath.

When suddenly I was pushed to the seat next to him harshly.

Like my touch just burned him.

Because of my hands being tied,my head hits the headrest of the seat and a slight pain hits my skull.

He doesn't move,not bothered.

While I wringle, trying to adjust on my seat . He again goes back to typing and I just stare outside in longing.

I was going away from the prison Landon kept me in,I just hope he would be better than him.

He hates me but I can see ...maybe he still feels something for me. The tingles,the warmness that I am feeling,he must be feeling it too.

I have a chance.

A chance to show I can be loyal to him. That I can love him like mate's are supposed to.

And I won't let it go waste. I will try to win him back no matter what it takes.

"What's your name?"

He asks suddenly , breaking me from the chain of my thoughts.

I thought he must have asked someone till now,but it seems he didn't cared to even know his mates name.


I answer,still looking outside. When he suddenly slams his laptop shut and the Aura around him changed drastically.

He was angry.

"Look at me when I ask you something."

I gulp, adjusting myself on the seat and turning my neck to look at him.

His grey eyes were boring holes into me.

"Full name. Pack of birth and parents name?"

He asks and I lower my eyes. He will hate me more, I know it already,after all I was a nobody.

"I...I... don't know"

I say , staring at my hands as he turns to give me his full attention.

"What do you mean you don't know? Did you fall from the sky or what?"

He asks irritated.

"I was found near the river by Landon's mother. an orphan."

Silence. He just stares and then sighs, running his hand through his thick locks that have managed to fall on his forehead.

"See Thora. Let me get few things straight before we enter my borders."

I shyly nod, knowing things were going to go bad from here.

"First. No one, I repeat no one is to know that you are my destined mate."

He was ashamed of telling them ,I know. Shit! Why I am feeling so hurt?

"Two. You are to follow my orders,no matter what. I ask you to come,you come. I ask you to leave,you fucking do without questioning. No ifs and buts or you will be punished just like others."

I nod again, looking down. I will try my best to be the perfect mate, I will change his perspective of me.

"And three..."

He goes silent and I look up at him from below my eyelashes.

Why did he stop?

His eyes took me from top to bottom.

From my legs to my face and I feel suffocated.

His features cover in disgust and I prepare for the worst.

"If I see you flirting around with my men. I swear on moon goddess Thora. I will first kill you before I kill him. Am I understood?"

I gulp. His words made me shiver.

" Alpha"

I say and before I know ,my chin is roughly grabbed and he pulls up my face.

My widened brown eyes met his cold grey ones as he utters with pure hated.

"I said look at me and answer, do I have to remind this the hard way?"

I move my head in a no and he leaves my chin. Sitting back on his seat and adjusting his tuxedo.

I take a deep breath, tears stinging my eyes.

So much hatred? How will I teach him to love me ? 

What does it take to amend for one's mistakes?

"Clean your tears. We are approaching."

He orders and I look up to see a castle welcoming us.

I use my shoulder sleeve to clean the traces of tears in my eyes, as I took in the beauty of the place through my hazy vision.

The Volkan Empire

Read a big stone encryption on the entrance and I feel my heart drop in the pit of my stomach.


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Amy Shazel
Amy I like it a lot want to read more
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I like the book but I can not get to the best part because of the lock
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Another book with a beaten abused female who is too afraid to stand up for herself & speak out . I’m done .

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