In Arms of a Monster

The ground was shaking, more cracks developing in it. But the humongous wolf as dark as night was oblivious.

To busy snatching the souls of not so innocents.

Her small footsteps, stop just few meters away from him. As she breathes heavily, shielding her face from the high intensity winds blinding everything.

" Thaneos!!"

She screams for him. Her voice inaudible in the chaos. And with shaking steps she moves forward.

Her hands trembling by her side, heart thudding and brain telling her not to. But she does.

Moving more closer.

Ignoring the chaos around her, ignoring the people pushing past her for their lives.

Ending another wolf, Thaneos throws his body aside. His silver eyes searching for his next target.

When he spots a little girl walking towards him.

" T

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