Chapter 1247 Another Team

Hearing Caspian's words, everyone present was stunned at first, and then they looked thoughtful.

Lucy was still a child, so she didn't notice too much at the moment. So when she thought of something, she would ask it.

The next moment, Jessica said, "Caspian, you mean that if Heavenly Spirit Realm can't enter, it means that there will be a lot of Holy Land Realm cultivators in the Three Sages Mountain."

Lucy was stunned.

She just didn't expect it before.

After being reminded by Jessica, she immediately understood the problem.

The cultivator's performance in the Three Sages Mountain was related to whether he could get the qualification of the Spirit Severing Road.

In the case that Heavenly Spirit Realm couldn't enter the Three Sages Mountain, cultivators of Holy Land Realm were naturally the best candidate.

In the face of the same enemy, Holy Land Realm's performance was naturally much better than that of Pulse Control Realm.

So what if Pulse Control Realm cultivator showed his
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