Chapter 1248 Sending a Big Pig's Trotter

It was a cultivator in his thirties who came with a beast leg on his back.

The huge beast leg he brought was obviously meant for Caspian and the others.

But after coming here, his attention was still attracted by the people sitting in meditation.

This cultivator was very clearthat within Three Sages Mountain, spiritual Qi was very thin.

If cultivators wanted to guarantee that there was a spiritual Qi here, they had to take elixirs that could restore their spirit.

In fact, this was what their team did.

And in order to ensure that they could have enough elixirs after entering the central area of Domain, they had been planning to take elixirs instead of eating them as they pleased.

Only the people at the front and back of the team maintained 70 to 80 percent of their spiritual Qi.

As for the others, they only needed to maintain 20 percent of the basics.

Although it hadn't been long since they arrived, it was hard for these cultivators.

However, after coming here, this cultivator
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