Chapter 1249 You Are Unconvinced

Caspian's face darkened and a white light shot out from his mouth.

"The God of Thunder!"

Cultivators on the opposite side were far superior to Caspian, so they didn't expect that Caspian would attack them directly.

What's more, even if they thought of it, could they avoid the magical power thrown out by Caspian?

With a bang, the cultivator who had just shouted flew dozens of meters away. He fell into the snow and disappeared. Black smoke floated out from inside.

Cultivators who had been shouting the last moment suddenly became as quiet as chickens.

They had wanted to make the first move, but now it seemed that this guy was not easy to deal with.

However, the weakest among the seven or eight cultivators was at the third stage of Pulse Control Realm.

In fact, only two of them were Pulse Control Realm cultivators, and the others were Holy Land Realm cultivators.

Therefore, after the initial shock, they regained their composure.

But this time, they were not so reckless.

After th
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