Chapter 1250 Kill

The group of people who were about to leave froze.

They turned around again and looked at Caspian with anger, doubt, humiliation, and dissatisfaction in their eyes.

"We took the initiative to take a step back, but you still insist. Do you really think we are afraid of you?"

At this time, the cultivator who sent the pig's trotter did not hide the killing intent in his eyes.

He said with a cold face, "Do you really want to be our enemy?"

Caspian was so angry that he laughed. "Did I ask you to provoke me?"

As soon as he finished speaking, Caspian took a step forward.

"The Ursa Major's Blurred Shadows!"

In an instant, a series of illusory images of Caspian appeared on the spot.

"Do it!"

The cultivator, who had sent the pig's trotters, raised his eyebrows and shouted.

In an instant, the people around him immediately rushed toward Jessica and Solana Gibson.

There was no problem with their plan at the moment.

Although Caspian was powerful, the realm of the people following him wa
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