Chapter 1252 Underground Palace

The black fog churned and surged, but it was unusually quiet, giving people an extremely mysterious feeling.

If it weren't for the golden light, even cultivators of Heavenly Spirit Realm wouldn't be able to see anything.

In the center of the black whirlpool, an underground was brightly lit at this moment.

Bright lamps lit up a huge space as bright as day.

Countless clay sculptures were densely packed but neatly arranged. At this moment, they were standing or kneeling, vivid and lifelike, making one's scalp tingle at the sight of them.

These clay sculptures were facing a long staircase at the front.

The stairs were very wide, and each floor could accommodate at least forty or fifty people walking side by side.

The stairs were also very tall, with a total of 9999 floors. It was as if they had been lifted up into the sky and transformed into a heavenly ladder.

At the top of the place stood a huge group of palaces.

The palaces were resplendent, carved, and painted like palaces whe
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