Chapter 1253 Change in the Darkness

The purple-black light turned into a long straight line, passing through the palace, over the heads of countless clay sculptures below, and into the endless darkness above.

In a moment, the darkness began to flow slowly like melting mud, and at the same time, a big bubble appeared.

Shadows floated out of the darkness.

They screamed, laughed strangely, gathered together, and flew away.

A moment later, a roar came from the darkness.

A desolate and ancient aura arose spontaneously.

It was as if a sleeping creature had been awakened.

The darkness suddenly became like the deep sea, making muffled sounds.

A moment later, as a huge wave rolled up, a ball of white appeared in it, but it immediately disappeared into the darkness.

That white color was like a part of a fishtail.

However, even if it was only a small portion, it was still terrifyingly large.

Since the fishtail was still like this, the size of the whole fish was unimaginable.

The fishtail only writhed in the darkness and
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