Chapter 1750 The Fish Is Coming



Not long after Caspian stepped out of the void, more than a dozen bodies lay down on the grass after a few loud noises.

Fresh blood flowed out, forming a stream in an instant.

Caspian asked Handsome to solve the problem by himself and then went to a place on the grassland.

It looked ordinary here, but Caspian soon found the correct coordinates according to the stones in the distance.

He raised his hand and slapped the grassland in front of him in the air.

A crack that was dozens of meters long suddenly appeared on the ground.

About 40 to 50 feet below the crack, there was a treasure light seeping out.

"Yes, it's here."

Caspian nodded and clapped again.

The whole ground was overturned, and a door that had been twisted by the great force appeared in front of Caspian.

This was the third of the seven treasure troves that Caspian needed to collect during this trip.

After stuffing all the treasures into Earrings of Echo, Caspian took Handsome and Little Candy
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