Chapter 1751 No match at all

"One hundred feet...."

"Eighty feet..."

While Yuan Ye was counting, Caspian was also calculating the distance in his heart.

Since the other party had chosen this place, Caspian knew that there must have been an ambush.

Therefore, he was not idle along the way.

Before anyone noticed, Eye/Eyes of Insight had already prepared all kinds of monitoring for Caspian along the way.

The purpose of doing this was naturally to prevent the opponent from using a big formation.

But now Caspian found that he had thought too much and was a little too cautious.

The other side did not set any formation. They just arranged two cultivators of Heavenly Spirit Realm to ambush the abandoned town.

"Yes, there's one at both ends of the town."

At this moment, Caspian's Divine sense had already discovered those two hidden cultivators.

But the situation was a little different from what he had expected.

"Yuan Ye just wants to kill me. Doesn't he want to know where I come from?" Caspian spread out his Di
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