Chapter 2005 Someone Pushed Her

The captain continued to do first aid without stopping for a moment.

Finally, Nicole moved.

She coughed heavily and spat out the fluid in her abdomen.

Nicole was saved.

The captain heaved a sigh of relief and fell to the side.

Clayton glanced at the captain with dark eyes.

“Thank you.”

He did not say anything more and put all his attention on Nicole.

“Baby, wake up. You’re alright now. I’m right here…”

Clayton said as he gently pressed his face against hers.

It was as if he found some rare treasure.

That kind of cautiousness was heartbreaking to see.

The captain turned his face away.

Having known Clayton for so long, the captain felt that this “thank you” was the most sincere gratitude from Clayton.

Clayton never regarded them as friends but as subordinates.

For the first time, the captain received Clayton’s heartfelt thanks.

Clayton lowered his head, leaned over, and lay on Nicole’s shoulder.

No one noticed that his tears fell onto Nicole’s neck.

His tears were pipin
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Renee Higgins-Gilmore
so many dislike Clayton but let's face it he really does love Nicole
goodnovel comment avatar
I want Eric to have a real chance with Nicole.
goodnovel comment avatar
Again… so DONE with Eric. just pls leave Clayton&Nicole together. Even if you have to reveal Clayton’s dark side to Nicole, just leave them happily together. They already have a daughter so hoping for more of their adventures.

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