Chapter 2008 I’m Afraid You’ll Die of Exhaustion

After a while, someone brought over a meal.

It was all of Nicole’s favorite Medianian food.

Since Nicole could not move, Clayton slowly fed her. When the spoon was next to her mouth, Nicole gained an appetite from the soup’s aroma.

Clayton finally smiled when Nicole was done eating.

Only then did Nicole realize that he had not eaten a single bite.

“Go out and eat…”

Did he not just say that he was hungry?

Why did he not touch the food?

Clayton smiled. “It’s too troublesome to go out.”

He then proceeded to finish her leftovers with gusto.

Nicole was not sleepy at all since she just woke up from a nap.

She watched as Clayton finished the food, packed up the boxes, and made himself a cup of coffee.

Nicole then realized that Clayton was planning to stay up all night with her.

She frowned and said, “Why are you drinking coffee at night?”

Clayton paused slightly, then smiled.

“It’s refreshing.”

“Don’t drink it. I’m afraid you’ll die of exhaustion.”

Nicole looked at him sincer
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