Chapter 2105 Never Learn Your Lesson

After Ingrid yelled at Mitchell, her face was red and distorted with anger.

Unrepressed hatred was spewing out of her eyes.

The grudges that she kept hidden accumulated and gushed out at this moment.

Mitchell heard this and was slightly startled.

However, he soon looked at her with pity and helplessness.

Mitchell looked disappointed and could not help but say, “Ms. Ferguson, you hate Mr. Ferguson so much and brood about these things for so long. Why didn’t you think about how you would be able to live such a lavish life without Mr. Ferguson? None of the girls your age who work here stay idle. Mr. Ferguson was harsh on you because he wanted you to be better, but you held a grudge against him? Also, your miscarriage was not because of Mr. Ferguson. Not to mention, if you give birth to the child of your family’s enemy, how would you deal with the child? How do you want your family to treat that child? Don’t you want to marry someone you love and have children? What’s more, Old Master
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Shannon Tarvin
Waited and skipped a good chunk of chapters, came back to see if there were any NEW developments, AAAAANNNNDDDD…. We’re back to an earlier plot line yet again. Same old, same old.
goodnovel comment avatar
Dawn Preciado
If this is how rich families really act thank god I am not rich. Their conduct is despicable, what a bunch of rotten human beings.

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