Chapter 9

Haley watched as Katie pulled the clothes from the pile she'd provided, desperate to find something that would grab Delvin's attention. 

Devlin. Bloody Devlin. He was all she heard about lately. It had gotten to the point where Haley was sick of hearing the name. Yes, he was unusually attractive with his icy eyes and little beauty spot, and he did seem like an interesting guy...

'Oh geez, don't tell me it's rubbing off on me?' Haley panicked quietly. She tried to push his image out of her brain as Katie prattled on about how evil Theon was for standing in the way of her love life. 

"He touched my hand. I told you, right?" Katie looked up at her. 

Haley nodded. She'd only told her seventeen times. 

"I mean, I'm not crazy," Katie went on. "Why would he do that if he didn't like me back?"

"I don't know," Haley said evenly as she pick

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