Chapter 19

Angelica waited by the gates of the graveyard. The black cast iron that curled and formed wing-like patterns was cold against her back. A chill worked its way up her spine—a feeling she was not accustomed to, being a warm-blooded creature of such elegant design. 

As she looked around, she saw no one visiting the tombstones to tidy the dying flowers or tend to the grass. The dark church windows seemed to watch her, but nobody occupied this building—at least, the boarded-up door would suggest as much.

It struck Angelica as a rather cliche choice to use as a meeting point with a vampire—an abandoned graveyard. They might as well have asked her to join them in a Transylvanian castle.

The smell of their arrival hit her nose just before she heard them rustling through the thick blanket of leaves. Her smile was joyous and automatic as she realised they had kept their word. Harley was with them. She would

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