Part 25

"How could I not know?" Theon asked. He stared at the floor, his dangly hair covering his face.

Katie breathed deeply, trying to summon up words of comfort, but they wouldn't form.

A cold breeze pushed a flurry of dried leaves past their feet and into the now-empty house. It was so quiet.

Only Jade, Katie, Jason and Theon remained.

They weren't exactly the A team, but things could have been worse. Three of them were Alphas--and one an oversized mutation. Katie knew she was the only weak link.

"Haley?" Katie uttered, suddenly realising her friend had vanished with the others. "S--she was here. She was just here. They must have kidnapped her."

Theon's arm draped over her shoulder.

"She's with him now. His scent was all over her. I'm sorry, Cuz." He nuzzled her head with his, and for a moment his support kept her together. Then the tears began.

Haley had been her best friend from birth. No male would ever come between them... they had a pack to stipulate as much.

"We can take 'em,"
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