Growing up, I always dreamed of having my own family and making sure that it would be a happy one, unlike what I had when I was a kid when my mother always spit hurtful words toward me as if I was the worst person she'd ever met and the worst person who came in her life. I was blamed for a sin I didn't commit, I was blamed for a mistake I didn't do. I always wish on the stars before that if I could only bring back time, I would reverse what happened.

I wouldn't let my rapist father rape my mom so that both of us wouldn't be hurt like this. She wouldn't suffer and the same goes for me. But I was thankful that the start didn't grant my wish because if they didn't, I wouldn't happily watch my family having the time of their lives.

"Mom, hurry! Daddy misses you again! And my tummy is grumbling, I want sandwicheeesss!"

I couldn't help but to chuckle upon hearing that. When I reached the carpet where they were, I pinched his chubby cheeks, earning a giggle from him.

"Here you go, my
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