I sat on the kitchen chair and silently scooped for my food while I was surrounded by six maids, waiting for whatever I may order for them to get.

While chewing the food in my mouth I couldn’t help to keep an eye on my husband’s scattered armed personnel. I let out a raw smile and gently shook my head.

Like I said, this is not new to me. Valjerome is a boss of a mafia group so he has so many staff here in the mansion¾protector and killer.

"Be ready."

My husband’s voice caught my attention. I turned to him and saw him seriously walking towards my seat. He is now well dressed, a white v-neck shirt and a faded denim pants. I still want to laugh because he acts like he hasn't done anything wrong to me.

I continued eating my food, "For what?" I asked lazily.

He sat down in the chair next to me and started getting his food. "It is my parents' anniversary. There will be a masquerade ball and they want us to be there," he said formally and started eating.

I just nodded and quietly followed him. This is how we are when we are together. Seems like strangers to each other even though the truth is we’re both married.

"I'll deliver to your room later what you're going to wear." Valjerome looked at me as he wiped his lip.

I just nodded thriftily and then drank water. He was about to stand up from his seat when I lazily leaned against my chair and spoke.

"Are we going to pretend that lovey dovey couple thing again?" I asked sarcastically.

I saw his jaw clenched as he looked at me. "We're leaving at 11pm," he said instead of answering and then left me alone in the kitchen.

Yeah, they were like that¾celebrations at midnight.

I faked a laugh and shook my head. "I hope there's always a party," I whispered to myself as I thought that it was only there where he was treating me nicely.

WEARING a gold backless dress with a plunging neckline pair with my silver stilettos, I walked down the staircase confidently. Downstairs, Valjerome was waiting, staring at me intently. If I didn’t know him I would think he was mesmerized by my aura.

I cleared my throat when I am finally in front of him and averted my eyes, awkwardness suddenly filled my thoughts.

"Let's go," I confirmed in my straight voice, I was about to pass him by, but I was startled when he carefully held my arm.

I glanced at him. He was staring at me as if he was memorizing all the sides of my face. I held my breath as he slowly approached and pulled a few strands of my hair from my neck. I stiffened even more as he thoroughly tilted his head towards me.

What is he doing?

I couldn't help, but close my eyes when his breath hit my neck. There’s something tickling my system that makes me goose bumps. I only opened my eyes when I felt a little cold above my chest — a necklace.

I blinked several times and unbelievably stared at it. Valjerome distanced himself and looked at me, emotionless.

"W-What's this?"

His forehead knotted and glanced on the necklace he just put. "You do not know what’s that?" he asked in sarcastic tone.

The nervousness and awkwardness I felt earlier gradually disappeared. I rolled my eyes at him and stared again at the necklace.

"Thanks," I said simply despite of my hundred thoughts.

It was just a simple diamond infinity necklace, but it really means a lot to me.

This was the first time he bought something for me for all those years that we'd been married. He usually just deposits money in my bank account and lets me buy what I want to.

"Erase that smile of yours. Do not misunderstand that thing. I just bought that to grab attention and show them that I'm giving you gifts as my wife. Let's go."

My smile before has faded so quickly after hearing what he has said. I watched him walk out of the mansion. I laughed and looked up to hold back the tears I was shedding.

"Yeah right, Jazzie. What do you expect from your ruthless husband?" I murmured to myself and followed him after I composed myself.

We had a quiet journey in his limousine. Both of us looked out of the windows and did not bother to touch each other.

"Do not go away from me when we get there," he said coldly as he remained his stare outside the window.

"Okay," I instantly replied and leaned myself back on the seat.

I am still tired, but I need to do this for his parents. I couldn’t help but smile in my mind as I remembered how good his parents were to me. I am an orphan, my father and mother died due to a car accident. Valjerome's parents were the one who adopted me¾fed, clothed, educated and much more. I have never been ignorant of the organization they are running, even if it is bad for others, I can't look at it that way. How can I do that when they are the ones who saved and gave direction to my life?

We have finally arrived at the event hall in a few minutes. I put on my gold mask where only half of my face is hidden, before I even got out of the car. Valjerome did the same then we made our way in together. His right hand was wrapping around my waist possessively as if he was showing to everyone that I am his. Our faces may not be seen entirely, but we still caught the eyes of the audience, maybe that's how strong his presence was. From the VIP seat Valjerome's parents, especially his mother, quickly stood up and then greeted us.

"Hija!" full of joy, she called then kissed me on the cheek, not even paying attention to his son next to me.

"Happy anniversary, Mom," I said sparingly and smiled back at her.

"Thank you. You are so sexy and gorgeous, hija. No wonder why the men stare at you intimately," the lady teased in amazement.

I just joined in her laughter even though I could feel my husband's dark aura.

"Dyrhaia, why don't you offer them to sit first so they can already eat," Valjerome's father whispered and nodded at me gently.

I bowed my head as respect and smiled a little.

"Why did you take so long? I thought you weren't coming," Mom said to Valjerome.

He let out a chuckle and kissed his mother's cheek. "I'm sorry, Mom. I let my wife rest before we came here. She just finished her photoshoot earlier," he explained calmly and then tightened his hand on my waist.

I tried hard not to roll my eyes.

"We're still not late after all. We just missed your speech," he added, teasing his mom.

I always see this side of him every time we're with his parents, but I am still in dazed every time he smiled.

"Alright. Sit down and eat," Valjerome's father invited.

We immediately followed his wishes. We sat down and ate light snacks while telling stories about our life as a married couple. As usual, my husband and I are asked about our lives.

"When will you give us a grandson, hija?" Valjerome's father said as he smiled in curiosity, caused me to choke on my own saliva.

Valjerome quickly gave me water and gently caressed my back.

"Are you okay, hija?" Mom asked worriedly.

I nodded and tried to smile. "I’m okay," I replied and sat properly

"Oh God, Civor? You're surprising the kids," Mom restrained Dad.

Dad's lips parted slightly, Valjerome and I looked at each other. I do not know what my husband’s reaction was. All I knew was that he was watching me even though I wasn’t looking at him.

"They've been married for more than two years, dear. It's time for them to give us a grandchild," Dad teased.

I blushed because of that.

"Next month."

We both looked at Valjerome as he spoke seriously.

I raised an eyebrow at him.

What is he talking about?

I was caught off guard when he suddenly pulled my nape for a deep kiss. It was as if my heart would explode with the speed of its beat as Valjerome's lips were touching mine¾insanely exhausting.

He slowly broke his kiss and sharply looked around before sitting back on his seat. "Expect your grandson next month," he whispered as if it was a very easy thing and then scooped up the dessert in front of his plate.

My mouth parted in disbelief. My face went even hotter to the thought of what he said.

Oh God! Tell me he was just acting.

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