"N-Next," the photographer said hesitantly as he nervously smiled at me and Chaos.

Who would not be scared if my husband, looking sharply at the man I am with as of the moment, was standing right next to him. I do not even know if this is still a photoshoot or a meditation because the room is filled with silence. You can only hear our movements and the sound of the camera shutter. They all seem to be feeling Valjerome’s dark aura surrounding. Even I, can not pose properly because of the nervousness every time he sees me.

What? He was the one who decided to pursue the shoot rather than letting me date with this guy, but why is he looking at me like it was my fault.

"You are too stiffed," the guy beside me spoke as he wrapped one of his hands around my waist for our next pose.

I gritted my teeth and glared at him. "Are you enjoying this?" I hissed lowly.

He chuckled and got c

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