Chapter 4- Welcome home, young master

The airplane landed at the terminus and people filed out scantily out of the plane. Alex and Bryce were quickly spotted by the driver who drove the limited version of the limousine that his parents had sent earlier to pick them up straight home.

The eager driver ushered them in immediately and the limousine zoomed speedily out of the airport.

Kayla Davis and her friend on the other hand were sorting some issues with the hostess that was appointed to their apartment for lack of courtesy, in which both girls turned on her, abused her severely, after which Kayla told her that she would be sacked by all means possible, which was just another way of showing off that her parents were rich.

By the time the ruckus was settled, they were the only passengers left to alight from the plane. Her parents’ chauffeur who had driven their ordinary version of a limousine sighted them, waved at them to get their attention before running up to them in order to help them with their luggage. A few seconds later the car engine started, and they were out of the airport.


At the garage of an extraordinary, affluent mansion, Alex could be seen alighting with his friend and walking majestically to the entrance, maintaining a warm looking face because his mum had always told him about keeping a smile on his face always.

His hair was professionally styled, and the caramel black suit was well-tailored with a black polished leather shoe of limited edition.

Bryce on the other hand was dressed in a grey suit and his hair was professionally styled as well. He had one of his fingers tucked in his trouser pocket and a thin curve could be seen spreading on his lips as the maids filed out to welcome them back home.

"Welcome home, young master" The maids chorused as they lined up into a single file and slightly bowed their heads.

Alex shook his head in response before his eyes caught on his mum, Mrs Brown, a woman in her late forties. She looked young and attractive with her glittering soft skin. No sign of a slight wrinkle on her face. In short, she was an epitome of beauty and a well-respected public figure in the society. 

She was elegantly dressed in a well-tailored blue suit and a short Mini skirt, her pink high heels were making a tick-tock sound on the 3d floor that was designed as if an aquarium was underneath them.

A broad smile took over her face as she extended out her arms and flung it around Alex's neck. She embraced her son with a warm, sweet hug.

"Welcome home, sweetheart, I've missed you." She said, released him after some seconds, dragged Bryce closer to her and gave him a motherly hug too. 

"Hope you guys didn't fight out there?" She asked with a raised eyebrow and a curious grin took over her face before she released herself from the hug.

"No ma, or Alex, did we fight?"Bryce directed the question at Alex.

"No, mum. We were cool out there" Alex lied because his mum often gets mad at them whenever she catches them fighting. "Where is dad? 

"Oh, pardon me. I should have informed you earlier. He has a meeting to attend. He left this morning and will be back in two days' time. Don't tell me you miss your dad more than you miss me?"  Mrs Brown said with a slight squeeze on her face.

"Mum, stop, I missed both of you, Alex said, and his mum patted him softly on the head with a smile.

Ava Brown, Alex's younger sister who was still a highschool student, poked her head out from a door and rushed to meet her brother. She hugged him tightly before she extended her hand to Bryce for a friendly handshake, and it was obvious that she was so excited to welcome her brother back home because she kept staring at him every two seconds.

"Usually, the table is set. Breakfast is ready! Let's feast."Charlotte said, and they were all ushered to a magnificent dining room, a sumptuous meal was dished on the table, and it was as if the house was holding a feast.


In a well-furnished dining room on the other side of the country, Kayla was toying with the beef lasagna on her plate semi-consciously. Her eyes were open, but she wasn't seeing anything. Because her mind had teleported out of her body because she was about to be handed over to an unknown suitor by her parents for business reasons.

Her mum, Patricia Davis, who was by now observing her mood since she had arrived back to the mansion that morning called her name out softly.

"Kayla? A penny for your thought?" Patricia asked curiously but got no reply. She called out again. "Sweetheart, what's on your mind?"

By this time, Trevor Davis, her father who had been carried away with the meal also noticed that Kayla was lost in thought, and he realized that he had no choice than to step in.

"Kayla!"He called out with his husky voice which jolted Kayla back to reality, and she became shocked when she felt two pairs of eyes staring at her with curiosity boldly written on them.

"What is wrong with you? This isn't the right time for this. You know, the meeting is in three days' time, and I'm sure that you don't want to look worn out. Now, eat up and get your mind at rest."Her mother said.

"Mum, I'm not happy at all. Why must I meet someone I don't know?"Kayla asked with a worried look.

"Listen, I'm not doing this for your interest alone. It's part of the business. So, get yourself prepared for the biggest event ever, and you ought to be proud of me for giving you this opportunity. Stop giving me those looks!"Trevor, her father said angrily at an obviously not satisfied Kayla, pulled back his chair and muttered something that sounded like "Excuse me."Before he rose up from his seat and left the room.

"I'm not interested in this whole thing. How I wish I was not your only child." Kayla lamented.

"Stop it, you have to listen to your dad, okay? We are not trying to hurt you, my dear. Get yourself together. The family is one of the most competent family ever, and I'm sure that you're going to love them."Patricia explained.

"Love, my foot."Kayla, hissed."I just want to be free, mum. That is all I want. And it feels as if I'd lost my appetite." She stood up, slid away from the chair in order to leave the room and her mother reminded her quietly.

"The massage therapist will be here in an hour or two, try to get yourself ready." 

Kayla, who was half listening to her mother's words, quickened her steps and ran up the stairs.

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