Chapter 8 - Who's she?

They decided to head home straight after searching for the girls.

Bryce's actions tonight rendered Alex speechless because whether Bryce knew it or not, Alex had found out that he had fallen in love with the brown hair girl already. It was all in his eyes because Bryce hardly remembers people's features, so for him to store those in his brain was a sign that he had found a new flower after two years of staying single.

Getting home, they took their night bath and got into their night pyjamas. Alex decided not to bring up the incident that happened because all he wanted that night was peaceful sleep.


Three chairs were arranged on two sides of a table at the center of the room, and Kayla, Carina and Mrs Davis were the chairs occupants.

The room looked like an interrogation room because Mrs Davis was seated on a very big chair which was facing the terrified two girls, and she was making sure that her eyes were paying equal attention to the girls in f
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