Chapter 36- I'm really sorry, Alex

Some minutes earlier

Ava had told a maid to get her Carina as soon as possible. She had ordered the maid after successfully sending the message to Bryce, certain he would come, running to save his best friend's young sister.

Unfortunately for Ava, the maid happened to be Claire, the spy sent by Amy to spy on them. She didn't know why  Ava asked for Carina, but she was in front of the elevator door when Bryce hastily slid open the elevator door, and didn't notice the maid who was staring at him. 

Claire studied him as he stood for a few moments in front of Ava's door.

Claire was taken aback by his sight. But her clumsy mind quickly connected everything. She recalled the chemistry that existed between Bryce and Ava. She smiled as she walked into the elevator, which took her straight to the ground floor.

Instead of calling Carina, she went ahead and told Alex that Ava would like to see him in h
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