Chapter 38-Wh*re

As they began to flee, the enraged haters gave them a furious pursuit.

The girls were fortunate in that they were able to quickly get into the car. Fortunately, the windows were up, and Carina swiftly closed the door and started the engine.

Some of the obnoxious haters who had caught up with them began forcefully slamming their palms against the car's.

"Come down bitch, and answer us!" they yelled. "Kayla whore! Come down bitch!"

Carina was enraged and perplexed by what was going on around her, but her attention was not diverted from the task at hand, which was to drive away. She started driving away at a breakneck pace, and within a few seconds, they were observing the enraged haters from a safe distance through the car's rearview mirror.

Their raucous noise filled the air, and they were also raising a large number of sign boards with boldly written words on them.

[Can you tell me who you are exactly?]

[Leave Alex alone; you are not deserving of h
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