Episode 58

Dracula's POV

I shook my head and jumped out of bed, my gaze fixed on her. On her hand was a tray with cups of coffee and a slice of bread. Each step she took to get to the table in front of me seemed so enticing as it drew my entire attention.

She was taking each step at a time, swaying her hips sideways gracefully like a royal member. Yes, she had that royalty about her that I could see, but I had never seen this face before.

Who is she?

That was the only question that kept ringing in my head as she finally dropped the tray on the table and stood upright, facing me with those eyes peering into mine.

"My name is Diane, the demon of enchantment," she introduced with a little smile that really enchanted my heart, and it really took me a few seconds to regain my composure, then another few minutes to remember what she just said.

"Oh, you are one of my demons?" I mumbled, gulping as she fluttered her eyes. I could swear that there is no woman in this world who could resist her beauty.

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