Episode 61

Hutton's POV

"How do you know she is a demon? Kayla saw it clearly that she was a human and those men who brought her in were werewolves who caught her crossing the boundary between humans and werewolves! " I snorted with a low hiss, plopping down on the empty chair there.

Is it now wrong to be good? I was just being good to the young girl, but since they all suspected me to be the one to get possessed and lured, helping the poor human was now a bad thing. Because I liked and cared for her, Lena had to assume she was a demon sent to lure and possess me with demons. It freaks me out how everyone believes everything she says without even having second thoughts about it.

"After we kill your new human friend who is slowly turning into your obsession, try to find those new students who brought her in... you won't find them because they are here for a single mission, which is to help her get you, and since they lost, they are going to vanish..." Xander explained this time, forcing me to lo
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