Episode 62

Lena's POV

"Hutton...." I mumbled with my eyes fluttering in fear as her words hit me hard like a rod. There was that smile of victory and satisfaction. Without wasting any more seconds, I quickly dashed out, sprinting to the cafeteria where he had been with Kayla.

Different thoughts battered my head as those last words from Diane resonated repeatedly. I kept thinking about what could have possibly happened to him while sprinting to the cafeteria where he had been with his mate.

What does Diane really mean by those words she uttered?

Immediately, I stepped out of the school building and got close to the cafeteria. Kayla ran to me, breathing heavily and panting like she was being chased by a monster. Sweat was all over her forehead and horror was written all over her face.

My eyes scammed around and I could see the dead bodies of some students with many others injured and running helter skelter like something terrible had happened.

"Hutton is now a demon!!!" Kayla's voice broke through
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