Working for Klaus
Working for Klaus
Author: Stella Njoroge

Chapter 1_Good hands

"I'll be leaving you in good hands"

Mrs Rogers started and I felt my heart crash down to my stomach. I had worked as Jenna Rogers' secretary from as long as I can remember now hearing news of her retirement was like telling me that my life was over.

Good hands. Those were the words that mortified me the most. In the company there were three exclusive superiors with Mrs Jenna being the CEO and her children her juniors. To start with, there was Mario Rogers, the boss who treated all the ladies in the company as if he owned them. I dreaded with disgust recalling how Mario had spanked my ass once. And not just my ass, Mario did that to all his female employees forcing them to call him hun or disgusting nicknames like daddy Mario. Gross I know!

Next on the list was Drizzy, a moody woman who unleashed her anger on her employees depending on whether her boyfriend dumped her or not. Drizella Rogers changed her boyfriend every once a week just like she replaced her Chanel bags. To this day I was still shocked at the fact that while my love life sucked, Drizzy never lacked a boyfriend and not just any boyfriend who worked as a waiter at McDonald's but an actor, a model or even one of those men who pose in Metro Magazines.

The thought of me landing as a secretary for those two made me feel like collapsing where I stood.

"Mrs Rogers, I could always work for you at home. I'm good with cleaning, I give a good foot rub, I know how to fold laundry,"I pleaded but aaah who was I kidding? There was no way Mrs Jenna could make me a maid. She had a soft spot for me and so did I.

"At least tell me, who is going to be my boss"

With a smile, the words smoothly left her mouth.

"Why my son of course, Niclaus"

And she left but I didn't leave. I stood there for so many minutes thinking of whether or not I had heard her right. But who was Niclaus Rogers? From what I had gathered, Niclaus Rogers was the prodigal son in the family. He was the eldest son but after Mr William Rogers passed away he also went away leaving nothing behind to remember him by. Mrs Jenna never spoke about him much which is why I found it queer that he would be returning, much so as the CEO. But I bet he would make a good CEO than Mario.

The day went by, I packed my things and drove off to my little apartment located in the outskirts of town. To say that I was lonely was an understatement. For status, I lived with an alcoholic uncle after my parents died and left me in his care. As a way of appreciation for him taking care of her, in return I took care of him. Now by taking care of him, that meant buying him beer anytime he wanted, helping him to his bed everytime he had a drinking spree with his friends, taking all the taunting expletives he threw at me without a word and finally giving him money everytime he wanted some.

As I opened my apartment door, the stench of alcohol filled my nostrils and I scrunched my nose in disgust. Oggie came running to her and I picked him up making my way through the empty bottles of beer on the floor. With a sigh, I plopped on the couch switching on my old tv and watching Ada's cook show in hope that it would relieve all the chaos in my life but truth be told it did nothing to ease the immense pain I had buried in my chest.

Eleanor Gibbins. Even saying my name made me laugh. My life was one big joke. A drunk uncle. Being an orphan since birth. Having no family whatsoever and now even the job that distracted me from all that pretty soon would change too. Patting Oggie's fur coat I sat there wondering how Mr Niklaus would be. Would he be a good boss like his mother? Or worse would he be like Sir Mario Rogers, a randy untamed goat that thought lust was everything he needed in life?


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