Chapter 2_resembled that of Shawn Mendes

Shoot I'm running late!

I cried running to the elevator. I was about to hit the elevator button when Mr Mario shouted from the end of the hallway to stop the lift. Thinking about it, me plus Mr Mario in an enclosed space wasn't a good idea. Looking at him dead in the eyes, I tapped the button so many times but the elevator doors betrayed me by closing so slowly allowing him to force himself in. Oh boy!

"Well hello cutie," he started, licking his lips in this creepy way that made me step backwards.

"Hello Mr Mario," I said curtly.

"Mr Mario? Hun call me Mario. I get that my looks are intimidating but you don't have to be so formal with me," he said inching close to me that I wished there was a door for me to jump out.

I was afraid but my subconscious still managed to find the whole situation amusing. What looks? He had no looks. Sure his fancy clothes complimented him but his hair? He gelled his hair back like an old lawyer about to go to a law suit and that nose. I didn't want to judge him but Mr Mario wasn't what you'd could a goodlooking man.

I stayed silent but Mr Mario went ahead and made everything weird. He cornered me to the walls of the elevator, his breath fanning my face while his right hand crushed in the wall next to me this trapping me from in his embrace. When I felt his fingers trace the outline of my hips, I gasped my knee jerking up and smashing his balls.

"The fuck? You witch!" Mario writhed in pain falling down to the ground while I, surprised by my remarkable skill offered to help.

"Sir, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'll get you an ice pack.Do you need an ice pack? Of course you do! Can you walk? Sir?" I continued but Mario lay in the floor his knotted fist hitting the floor rapidly. What surprised me was seeing him shed a tear?

How hard did I hit him? I wondered. But then again Mario deserved that and much more.

The elevator doors parted and someone walked in finding Mario on the floor and a gasping me trying to help him.

"Am I interrupting something?" The man said his hoarse voice making me jolt my head up.

Remember the time when Aang saw Katara for the first time? Or when Rajkumar saw the love of his life for the first time? Oh forget about that as am aware you have no clue of what I mean. Seeing the man to me was like seeing all the celebrities come together and have a baby. To start with that hair? That brown hair that resembled that of Shawn Mendes. Or what about those eyes that looked so intimidating so alluring so full of mystery like those of Hrithik Roshan? And those lips...ooh mama...even Daniel Sharman's wouldn't compare to them.

For a moment the world stopped that was until the elevator doors parted and he walked out. Come to think of it, wasn't I supposed to be getting out on this floor too? I also got out leaving a hopeless Mario asking for that icepack I had offered earlier.

Going to my desk, I placed my bag on my desk taking a break to breath in and out. What was that? Who was he?

As if the universe could hear my questions, a figure towered before me and I raised my eyes coming face to face with the man from earlier.


"Yes. Me...Now if you are done hanky panking with my brother. I need all the reports from last year and this year too. Include the financial reports too. And by the way, I need a latte on my table within the next ten minutes" He said but the way he said it was what surprised me. He didn't have to be so mean about it. It was like he was commanding me which was actually acceptable since he was my new boss?

So he was Niklaus Rogers?

Hurrying back from Starbucks I placed his latte on my desk going to the storage room to look for everything he had asked for. Wiping off the dust from the files, I took his latte in my hands getting into his office and placing everything there. Did he always look that serious? With a face like that? With a chiseled jaw like that, why not smile?

"What's your name?" He asked his eyes barely leaving his computer.

"Eleanor Gibbins, sir," I said politely doing a little curtsy. A curtsy? Yes. That's how intimidating Niklaus Rogers was that I even felt like I should have knelt down and handed him the files instead of placing them on his desk so casually.

"At what time did I tell you to get my coffee?"

I raised a brow? Was he being serious?

"At nine sharp I suppose?"she answered.

"And at what time did I tell you I needed it on my desk?"

"The next ten minutes?" I answered but it came out like a whimper.

"Exactly that's what I thought too. I asked for my latte at 9:10 it's already 9:30" he said his eyes now on me.

"Sir, you asked for both the reports and the latte so I thought I would bring them at the same time instead of going back and forth"

He chuckled and I chuckled nervously too not quite getting the humor.

"Going back and forth huh? Enelor, I hate lazy workers and if you think the job is too much you could always hand in your resignation and I would be so happy as to relieve you of your duties," he said and I bit my lip.

Forget the compliments. Forget the Hrithik Roshan part, forget about the Shawn Mendes' hair, the guy seated infront of her didn't deserve that face. He was a meanie just like the rest of his siblings. And Enelor? What was so hard in pronouncing the name 'Eleanor'. With my tongue in my cheek, I swallowed a huge lunch of saliva apologizing to him.

"I'm sorry sir. It won't happen again"

"It better not. You can go and take the latte with you. I don't drink cold latte"

What an asshole! I thought but nevertheless I took the latte and went out.

"It's such a waste. Cold latte doesn't even taste that bad. It's not even cold" I said taking the cup to my mouth and gulping down the yummy drink down my throat.

As soon as I threw the cup in the nearest trash bin, my boss' voice came from the intercom.

"I can't survive without taking latte in the morning. Bring the latte back in the office"

Holy cow! I cried running over to the trash bin to fish out the cup.


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