Chapter 11

One step forward, two steps back.

Atleast that's what I felt when he gave me the cold shoulder in the morning. I had already made up my mind on saying thanks and asking for forgiveness for everything I said yesterday. I also wanted to ask why his knuckles were bandaged, probably try to bring in the good-boss and secretary-thing we had going on but no.

His eyes said it all. He was pissed and although I was no mind reader I knew he was pissed at me. I left his home like he was some sort of kidnapper who had gagged me and chained me to his house. A sudden emptiness overwhelmed me, since Uncle Mike left, I felt all alone.

Like I had no one at the moment. The telephone rang against my desk and only then did I realize that I had zoned out watching my boss' door even after he had slammed it on my face.

"Rogers group of companies," I started.

"Hey? Hey. Eleanor right?"

"Yeah and to whom am I speaking to?"

I asked playing with the cord of the telephone. The feminine voice sounded familiar, sop
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