Chapter 12

"You think it's that easy huh? Come back and ask me to marry you and I would willingly accept your offer? Klaus, do you even know what love is? Have you ever loved anyone in your life but yourself? No. Infact never. You and I were done the moment you got on that plane and disappeared"

Isadora huffed hanging up the phone. Had I ever loved anyone in my life? Was that like a trick question? I had put everyone's needs before mine! I was doing everything in the name of those who I loved! Who was she to question me?

I kept my cool fiddling with my pen to keep me calm. I knew Isadora wouldn't give in, I knew she would want to know one way or another whether what I was saying was true or not. And just like that, everything had fallen into place the way I wanted. She involved my secretary just like I thought she would. Turns out dating Isadora had come with the perks of knowing her every move. Knowing her inside and out. Somewhat like the back of my hand.

The guy I had hired to follow Isadora
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