Chapter 13

I had groaned a weak 'yes' like the weak person I was.

What would he gain by doing this? Why me? Why would he think that I was the perfect candidate to make his ex jealous? And his ex! Don't get me started on his ex. Why would she tell him straight to the face that I had convinced her not to marry him?

I walked down the rocky path shivering as the harsh Newyork breeze hit my bare forearms without warning. It was a really bad day to wear a sleeveless dress. It was even stupid of me to try and meddle with what clearly didn't concern me. Now what?

Niklaus Rogers! Damn, him! I hated him! I wish he never came back. I wish Jenny Rogers was my boss and right about now I would be at work thinking of how I'd walk my dog later in the park. Good hands, she had said.

Only, Niklaus Rogers wasn't good. He was bad, good at the same time so villainy. It was hard to read him. It was hard to know what he thought, what he liked, who he was on the inside if he even had some sort of heart inside.

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