Chapter 14

One simple mistake. Scared of having the same nightmares and I somehow snapped. Like a mad man, I had reset the plan based on my emotions. Emotions of trying to seek redemption and emotions of gnawing guilt.

On one hand was Isadora. The woman who my heart would gladly love. The woman who I had planned to marry and then make her life a living hell. Well that was until her father would lament his actions and then I would try to make our marriage more real and important, probably have two to three kids with her later. Isadora was my ideal woman, smart, brilliant, witty, obedient, had a body that most men would kill for, her being in love with me was an added bonus.

And plus having had time to reflect on my past actions, I was selfish at that time. Running away as some sort of rebellion at my dad. Turns out my rebellion did end up being his death! But now Niklaus Rogers had matured both mentally and emotionally.

On the other hand was her, Eleanor. The plan was to make her fall for me. Ma
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