Ensorcelled Eyes
Ensorcelled Eyes
Author: KuyaSen

Ensorcelled Eyes

Written by Kijarasen


I need to use figure of speech, the hyperbole, yeah! Hyperbole that exaggerates statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

I need to use my friend hyperbole when explaining how many humans died in every seconds of our existence. It's countless.

As those who suffers, cries, shouting like insane for vengeance takes their time for living, the other who reached their exact limits and finished line die one by one around our so called 'beloved world' but our lovely world have this different kinds of humans, good and bad, friend and enemy, innocent and hearless by means of killing.

Fourty-three students.

I'm not yet sure if need to use 'KILLER' or 'KILLERS' to constract a good sentence.

One thing's for sure, we all gonna die, one by one, pleading until the last breath of our lives.

Okay? Haha. What did I had been mentioned before? Ahh! The hyperbole thing! Remember?

Fourty-three students, who among them are the trustworthy or pretending to be trusthworthy to kill everybody?

One week vacation, one night---oh! One bloody murdered night. Lifeless body lying everywhere, intestines, organs, even the smashed brains and eye balls will you encounters.

Ready your stomach and work hard to fight the urge not to throw up all your digested foob last night.

Also, always take a deep breath and don't forget the number one rule in the middle of flying organs and intestines, trust no one.

The killer(s) wised and smart. You need to trust no one able for you to survive.

Are you ready?

Open up your eyes and be strong facing the ensorcelled eyes.


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