Chapter Two




There were voices engaged in discussions as I walked behind Phoebe, all too soon we reached the dining room.

I kept my eyes cast downwards, my legs feeling like molten plastic.

"These are both my daughters, this is your betrothed Lucian " 

My head snapped upwards the moment father uttered those words, he was also the first person my eyes located. If anything, he looked nervous which I've never seen him ever before. 

There were at least more than ten people sitting over the large wooden dining table, but my eyes found him.

My heart jerked hard against my chest. The burning grey eyes continued to hold mine and I couldn't tear my eyes away, those eyes held power that threatened to consume me. The heat simmering in those orbs was making me uneasy. 

His coal-colored hair was kept long, almost brushing against his shoulders, his jawline cut shaper than any I have ever seen, his arms were bunched with muscles that were prominent even though he was putting on a business suit.

Everything about him screamed danger. 

I suddenly caught myself stating,  my eyes returned to the marble floor almost immediately as I bent my waist a little in greeting. 

"Come! Come the both of you! Take a seat, the food is getting cold " Mother spoke with a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes.

We took out seats, I made sure that I was sitting next to her and father. 

The tension was thick in the air, I think it had been there before I even stepped into the living room.

I couldn't stomach anything, so I didn't even try to. Once when I mistakenly glanced upwards, I found those scorching silvery orbs burning holes through me, making me feel smaller than I already was. 

My gaze searched around the room and found a very familiar face. 


My heart instinctively sped up in excitement, only the excitement didn't last for long, he was in no way looking in my direction.

It felt as though he was ignoring staring at me purposely and the thought of that made my heart hurt.

Soon, dinner was over, all I wanted was to flee back to my room, but that wish was brought up short.

"I want to have a word with my fiancee in private." His deep voice cuts through the air, he wasn't asking, he was demanding.

I shrunk further into my seat, I met mother's and father's stares with a pleading look. 

I didn't want to be left alone with this man, not even for a second. 

I was betrayed by father's wide smile. 

"Of course. Gabby, go and show him around the house " Father wasn't asking either, it was a direct order.

Please no! I pleaded inwardly even as my legs started to obey, I cast my eyes towards Derek, he still wasn't looking in my direction. 

Lucian Castiel stood up at that moment, Lord, he was tall! 

He had to stand at least close to six ft five.

I never expected him to stride towards me to extended his hand for me to take. 

All eyes were pinned on the both of us, having no other option, I slipped my much smaller one into his. 

His strong fingers encircled mine, engulfing mine with warmth.

I began to lead the way.  

My chest was rigid with dread, he was so close beside me, I could perceive the faint smell of his cologne. 

"Tell me your name!" He spoke dangerously close to my ears.

He probably already knew that, what was the need for his asking? 

I took a deep breath to calm myself against the nervousness that seemed to choke my insides. 

Again, it didn't skip my notice that he had never asked for it, he commanded.


I continued to stare at our mable tiled floor as I spoke, feeling a little gratification at myself, my voice didn't falter as I thought it would.

"Eyes up, look at me! Your eyes will be on me all of the time!" The sharp command came, making me jerk instinctively.  

A wave of annoyance swept through me at his words, I glowered up at him.

Why did he think he could order me about? 

"Maybe you should learn to talk with a little bit of respect if you want anyone to listen to what you have to say!" I gritted.

His eyes narrowed into slits, as though he had never expected me to speak back to him.

The dark intense look that crossed his features before he suddenly gripped on my chin, hard enough to bruise was utmost terrifying. 

"I do not enjoy this attitude, Gabrielle! When I demand something, you are meant to answer!" He gave my chin a sharp jerk, yanking them up once again, much painfully this time, and a sob escaped my mouth. 

"You will do well to never make this mistake again, is it not? " 

I nodded frantically, anything to stop the pain, he was practically splitting my jaws in half.

"Tell me with your words! I want to hear you speak! " He growled in a low dangerous tone that had me scrambling for the right words. 

"Yes, I understand! " I coughed against his harsh grip, staring at him with wide frightened eyes.

It seemed like forever before he finally released his grip, I rubbed my painful jaw, staggering a few steps backward.

His features lacking the slightest show of remorse.

He was a monster who wasn't hesitant to show off his dark side. 

I couldn't ever marry him! 

I wouldn't! 

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She's never seen him before so she cannot say this is the first she's seen him nervous. It's a good start so far ...minus a few grammatical errors

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