Chapter Three





How could I spend my life with this brute of a man who looked as though he could squash me with a mere raise of his finger? 

I looked around, we were already down the end of the hall, I wanted badly to run into the safe confinement of my room, away from him.

His eyes returned to that neutral expression, almost as if he hadn't choked the hell out of me only a few seconds ago, my jaw still hurt like hell.

I managed to meet those gaze with a determined look of mine, 

"I don't want to marry you! " I spoke defiantly as I could, I tried to remain in my position, but I found myself taking steps backward at the sudden dangerous glint in his eyes.

"What did you say? " He spoke his voice steely quiet. 

I swallowed tightly, my courage slowly seeping out of me, replaced by cold fear. 

I found myself backing away from him even as he took a predatory step towards me. 

"I do not give my consent to this marriage, you must be deaf if you keep making me repeat words! I'm never going to marry a man like you !"

The words slipped from my mouth, it was too late to regret it.

His nostrils flared furiously, his hands shooting out to grab my neck.  This time, he wore an almost amused look, but it didn't mask the strange but intimidating flicker I saw there. 

He was insane! And I knew he wanted to hurt me, I could see it in his eyes. 

"You never do learn, do you? What did I say about giving up this attitude of yours, hmm? " He spoke in a silky tone, as though he was staring down at a little child. 

He was the one with an attitude! And he didn't even have a claim on me yet!  I was too terrified to voice out these words. Instinct told me that this man was a maniac, he wouldn't hesitate to hurt me, he's proven that more than once this night.  

" hurts, let go of me!" I stuttered breathlessly, struggling to break free from his vice-like grip, but he was too strong, he didn't seem as though he was even giving it an effort. 

He leaned closer and I sucked in a sharp breath when his thumb caressed my bottom lip, spreading a shudder across my body, I wanted to recoil away from his touch but I found myself paralyzed instead.

"I am going to be your husband Gabrielle, you will become mine " 

I shivered. The intensity of his eyes had me trembling where I stood. 

His grip on the back of my neck loosened a bit, and just when I thought I would be free from his touch, he captured my lips with his.

The invasion of his tongue was like an iron brand, burning me with its intensity. 

It was like nothing I've ever known before or ever imagined. 

Derek's stolen kisses had always been sweet and tender. 

There was nothing sweet about this one, I felt as though he was owning me. 

My lungs cried for air, I started to struggle against him.

He pulled away seconds later, meeting my frightened gaze with a satisfied expression. 

"In two weeks, Brie." 

I sucked in a sharp breath, my frightened gaze following him until he disappeared from view. 

My lips were still burning from where he bad branded his only seconds ago, I swiped at it with the back of my palms, but it was no use. 

How did my life turn out this way?  

Two weeks? 


The door to my room pushed opened and I buried myself deeper into the covers, my pillows were warm with sweaty tears. 

"Are you asleep? " Mother's voice sounded, seconds later, the lights flickered on.

How could I bring myself to sleep? Each time I tried to close my eyes, that moment keeps replaying in my head.

The space beside me pushed down before I felt fingers caressing my hair which had been gathered into a loose braid. 

I couldn't control it anymore, I jumped on a sitting position, meeting mother's gaze.

"I don't want to marry him, mother, I can't marry him! "

She didn't say anything for a moment, I groped at her fingers, meeting her look with a pleading stare, if there was anyone who could help me, it was her. If she speaks to dad about it, he would give ears to her more than he would to me. 

"Shh, it's already late, we will talk about this tomorrow" She spoke softly. 

I shook my head adamantly. 

"You don't know mother, he terrifies me, he's going to hurt me, ask father just once, I'm sure he will...."

"Your father's mind is made up, this isn't just about him, he has to consider every single member of our whole family, only he cannot make a decision " 

Why wasn't she understanding me? Father was a very powerful man, if he said to stop the arrangement, no one would oppose him. It was what I had always known, that he would always prefer business over anything. Still, I wasn't willing to give up.

"I love someone else! Please I can't get married"

Mother's loud gasp and the way her eyes widened indicated that she was really surprised by my sudden revelation.

"Child, what have you done! Who is he? " She sounded angry and I was consumed by a sudden wave of uncertainty. Mother wouldn't allow Derek to get hurt if I told her his name, would she? 

I opted for the truth, so I told her everything,  while she listened, stopping me at intervals to ask questions. 

"You've never let him touch you, have you?."

My face flushed beet red, I knew what she was asking, I've mentioned before that our family was very old-fashioned, there was no question of having sex before marriage.

"No, we've not " I responded truthfully.

"Are you going to help me? You are the only person I know that will. "

She heave out a loud sigh and stood from the bed.

"I'll try to talk to your father, but it's completely up to him "

She exited the room then, switching the lights off as she did.

I muttered a short prayer then, pleading that she succeeds.  

When I successfully managed to sleep, for the first time, I didn't dream of Derek.

It was the grey-eyed monster who came to haunt my dreams.



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