Chapter eight


It was painful enough to draw out a scream from my mouth, and much to my mortification and anger, he repeated the action, spanking hard against my other ass cheek. 

I stilled in my struggles and went stiff against him, he didn't spank me again but the burning pain on my butt lingered. He murmured something in a low tone, but I heard it just fine. 

"Good girl, you're already learning."

I've never hated anyone as I did this moment. 

He took us outside, there were more of his men outside, a few groups of onlookers who watched from a distance away. 

I doubt any of them would come to my aid, not that they would be able to help me even if they wanted. 

He led us to where a black limo was waiting. 

The door was opened by one of the men dressed in a black suit. Lucian put me down for a moment, only to shove me inside the car, he entered seconds later and the door automatically clicked shut.


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