Chapter ten




I glanced at my wife, I couldn't contain the feeling of male satisfaction. 

She was beautiful. No one had ever managed to make my heart swell with this fierce possessiveness. 

The need to dominate her and claim her as mine was so intense. It made my jaw clench painfully. 

She looked different today, her face was paperwhite, contrasting her short black hair which I hated so much. Even though she was still as stunning as ever, I still wanted my golden-haired Brie, the one I was familiar with for almost half my entire life. 

The thought that she had been about to run away with that bastard still consumed me with blinding rage, coupled with the pain that pierced my heart when she had told me she loved him. 

She couldn't have meant those, for both our sakes, I hoped she only said them just to spite me. 

For that bastard who had laid his hands on MY Brie,
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