Chapter Eleven




I never wanted the journey to end, I knew what awaited me the moment I would be alone with him.

In his house.

My eyes already stung from so many silent sobs, my heart was pierced with so much despair and helplessness that I felt it would overflow out of me.

How did my life turn out like this?

The slight pressure of the golden band around my finger provided a reminder that all of these were real.

It wasn't one of those nightmares.

I was trapped with the monster, and there was no escape!

Even now, I could feel that brutally possessive gaze on me, it made me wish I could disappear far away, probably forever.

I had been lucky enough during the plane ride, he had kept answering several calls and had no time for me. Now, I wasn't so lucky, he was sitting just beside me, I could feel the heat of his thighs where it brushed against mine. I was ever conscious of h

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