Chapter Fourteen




My feet grated the wooden tiles beneath, I followed the sound of the piano. A heart heart-wrenching note that flowed unhurriedly.

If I listened hard enough, I would hear mama's soft whimpers. She always cried each time the illness struck.

Father would always warn me never to show myself each time mama get "Possessed". That was the word he used to describe her never-ending fits.

Perhaps it was the darkness surrounding the house, or maybe it was the utter grief in the note she produced that told me this night would be different.

I couldn't keep away from the magnetic pull of the sound, the impulse to find her was intense.

Despite the darkness, I knew my way around.

There was a tiny streak of light coming from the piano room, the tragic soft whisper of the piano ceased. I stopped just in front of the wooden door.

I didn't hear mama's cry. There was nothing. I fel
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Ramona Spice
Sad. After such an ordeal I x can only see her character getting smarter and stronger.
goodnovel comment avatar
florence kalunta
She has no choice than to adapt to the condition
goodnovel comment avatar
Melissa Wilson
She's gonna have to really stay using her head to save her self from him.

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