Chapter fifteen




I could see Derek all wounded, lying helplessly on the floor. Lucian stood tall and intimidating, a gun clenched in his hands. His eyes were the same. Cold. Merciless, and with the intent to kill.

He was going to kill Derek!

He pulled the trigger.


I jerked awake from the nightmare. I was blinded by the bright lights in the room for a second.

That was when I saw him, on the foot of the bed stood the monster I only just escaped from.

Only this time, he seemed more real. More frightening. His eyes burned with an icy rage that paralyzed me with terror.

I squeezed on the pillow beside me, dimly conscious of the ache in my muscles.

He approached me with such an intimidating aura that drew out a cry from my mouth.

I already knew what he was capable of, he had shown me that last night.

He was wearing only a pair of trousers, his upper body part was bare, the spot I h
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